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Guide to getting a verified role - For individual users

This guide is for individual users who want to obtain a verified role in any server with BotBasher integrated.
In this guide, we'll walk through the BotBahser verification process step by step. The process will take just a few seconds, depending on your internet connection and traffic on the server. So let's start. Note - You can get the authenticated role using your mobile device as well as the laptop.
Step 1- In order to get a verified role, go to the server options and click on "Linked Roles".
You can find the options by clicking the 'down arrow' on the top left corner of your discord server.
Step 2- You'll see the specified roles on the next screen, choose the one you want.
Step 3- In the next step, connect all of your accounts that will be verified.
Step 4- Authorize on the next screen.
Step 5- You'll be directed to the bioauthentication engine. Authenticate yourself by following the instructions (Note that you'll need a web camera attached to your device to authenticate.)
Step 7- Following the successful authentication, give permission to access authentication data by clicking accept on the next screen.
Upon successful verification, you'll see the success message.
Step 8- Go back to the discord server Click "Finish" on the next screen.
Note -- If you have accidentally closed the window in Discord, there is no need to worry! You can retrigger it again by going to the Linked roles as we did in the 1st step.
Congratulations, you have successfully obtained a verified role and will be able to see the secret channels only accessible to verified humans.
You can see the verified role attached to your profile in Discord.
Last modified 7mo ago