Web app is stuck at "Connecting to the peer..." page

Ngrok just added a new anti-fraud screen that seems to be preventing direct access. We are working on a fix for this, don't worry. As for now, this is what you can do:

  • Go to ngrok logs, find the anti-fraud warning link, open the link manually from the same browser you use to scan QR. The link should look something like this:

  • Click "Visit site", and then continue with our mobile app - it should let you through.

When you get past the anti-fraud screen and get to error 3004 you should be good, our mobile should work fine afterwards. When you press on the "Visit site" it creates a cookie. Make sure that cookie is still present when our website page is loaded (it has to be the same browser, etc).

If the steps above don't help - well, this will need to wait for a fix :(

Web app showing "Authentication failed. 200: Request to the robonode ... invalid"

Wrong mnemonic, different from the one you enrolled with. Use the one that was in the app during the first biometric procedure. This validator key was tied to your identity.

Web app showing "Authentication failed. 2: request to ... not found"

You need to enroll first. Click "Setup the node" and choose "enroll".

Web app showing "Enrollment failed. 2: request to robonode ... already used"

You are already enrolled! You need to authenticate.

If you are running a validator node, don't forget to "Set and Rotate Session Keys" before authenticating.

Tunnel closed: Error: Error invoking remote method 'startLocalEngineWebSocket': Error: Process exited with code 4294967295

This means you have an incompatible Windows version. Unfortunately, this is a Windows bug :( The only solution that will work is to run the node remotely.

Error: Service(Client(Backend("IO error: While lock file: /home/luckshifter/.humanode/workspaces/default/substrate-data/chains/humanode_testnet2/db/full/LOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable")))

The node wasn't stopped properly before, so the node process is still running on the system. Delete workspace, recreate, insert your mnemonic then run the node again.

I have some HMND in my wallet but web app showing "Unable to setting session keys ... balance too low."

Your node doesn't recognize the wallet. Please wait until the sync finishes before scanning the QR code.

Launcher does not update the workspace code properly

This will happen if the updates were checked before the latest launcher was installed, it's because there was a bug in the update process. To fix this, delete the workspace and recreate it.

The ngrok or Humanode WebSocket Tunnel can't run

This is usually caused by the system being unable to terminate the old processes. To fix it, reboot the system (a remote VM or local system, depending on where your workspace is).

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