Discord servers are a place where projects can gather like-minded people and build communities.

But when bots attack a discord server—or even just one user—it can make it hard to enjoy benefits of the community. Bots can be used to advance an array of nefarious efforts, including manipulating public opinion, distorting financial markets, interfering in votes, and spreading phishing attacks. This leads to lower sales, public dissatisfaction, and sometimes even the death of immature products.

Humanode Bot Basher is a system that allows projects to protect their Discord servers from bots that attack them from different angles, like spreading FUD, spamming, or manipulating WL collection.

Bot Basher links a Discord profile to a Human identity through bio-authorization. One user can only have one verified account with a relevant role, making it way easier to control important project activities by simply providing access to only verified accounts that can only belong to an actual human.

With Humanode Bot Basher, you can easily control who has access to what on your Discord server. You can also create roles for specific users to stop spamming activities on your server. It's as simple as that!

Use Cases and benefits:

  • Fair White Listing/Prize Distribution

  • Fair voting

  • Spam Reduction

  • FUD Reduction

The bot is easy to integrate and configure, and it takes just a few minutes to launch on the server.

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