1. How long does it take for a node to become a validator? I have done all the steps, but my validator status is still red. It takes 2 complete epochs (8 hours) before a node starts validating blocks.

  2. I'm getting a "Failed to connect to Substrate" error. How can I solve this? This is a UI bug related to bootstrap. Don't worry! Restarting the node a few times will fix it.

  3. I have some HMND in my account. Why is my balance still showing 0 on the launcher? Make sure your node is synced. Then restart the node. It will refresh the UI and show your balance.

  4. I can't generate a mnemonic on the launcher. It says "An unexpected error happened. The output was hidden to avoid unintended information disclosure." We officially support Ubuntu 20.04. Please check and make sure you're using the supported distribution.

  5. I want to transfer a node to another VPS, how can I do it? Make sure the old node is up and running > Install the new node > Synchronize the new node > Switch the new node to validator mode > Rotate and set the keys on the new node > Wait for new key mappings to activate (~3 epochs) > Shut down the old node

  6. Why was my balance deducted when I set and rotated session keys? Setting and rotating session keys incur gas fees for execution. Hence, each time you perform these actions, you'll be required to cover the associated gas costs.

  7. I am getting an "Authentication failed" error while authenticating myself on the phone. Before you authenticate yourself you need to enroll yourself (which is a one-time process). Follow the guide step by step to first enroll and then authenticate.

  8. I am getting an "Enrollment failed" error while trying to enroll myself on the phone. This error occurs if you have generated more than one mnemonic in the launcher. Please insert the very first mnemonic you generated in the KEY MANAGEMENT section.

  9. Do I need to authenticate once only? No, in order to keep your node up and running and prove that you're alive you need to reauthenticate every 7 days (168 hours) at the same time.

  10. What if twins want to run two different nodes? Despite Humanode utilizing biometric verification tech with the highest possible accuracy, currently, biometric verification systems aren't yet advanced enough to distinguish between identical twins, who share the same genetic makeup and physical characteristics. As a result, it is currently not feasible to support multiple nodes for identical twins due to these technological limitations

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