Polkadot Substrate Wallet

Polkadot Substrate is the native wallet that supports all the Substrate based chains including Humanode. It's a web wallet. To use Substrate wallet:

Install the polkadot.js extension

You can get the polkadot.js browser extension from here:

Import the key

First, open the extension.

Press on "Import accounts from pre-existing keys":

Follow the dialog to insert the seed phrase we used in Step 3 - Configuring and Launching the Node, select Humanode Mainnet from the drop-down menu, and proceed by clicking Next.

On the next screen add the name of your wallet and a password to access it later. That's it you are all set up.

Alternatively, you can first Create a new account on Polkadot js and use the seed phrase of your new account to Step 3 - Configuring and Launching the Node

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