Running the Node

After the successful configuration of the node, it's time to run your node.

You can manage the node from either the Humanode or Logs tabs.

We recommend you start the node from the Humanode screen and then move to Logs to see if the chain state sync is complete.

Running the node and synching

After completing the Settings, you can go to the Humanode tab and press Start the node. You will need to accept requests if they appear.

Once you press the Start the Node button, you'll see two green lights in the top right corner "Node is running," and "RPC tunnel is running."

This is a confirmation that your node has been successfully launched. Congratulations! Now, you have to wait for the node to sync. You can check the node sync progress from the logs screen which shows the syncing status, the target block your node needs to sync to, and the current finalized block by your node.

This can be confirmed when the "Blockchain Sync status" in the checklist below turns green.

Note before moving on to the next step i.e. Become a Validator. Wait for the Node to sync.

Once the node is synced, you have to become a validator. Go to Become a Validator

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