Step 6 - Unlock your tokens and verify balance

Unlock your Tokens and Verify Balance

After successfully claiming your tokens, you must unlock the locked tokens and verify your balance. For this, you have to go to the polkadot/Substrate portal.​​

Verify Your Balance

To verify that you’ve successfully claimed the tokens, navigate to the "Accounts" tab and press on your account to see the details. Note - Make sure you have chosen the right chain, "Humanode Mainnet", as shown in the image below.

Unlocking the Tokens

After claiming the tokens you were airdropped or purchased, you'll have to trigger token unlock (if tokens are locked). As you can see in the image above, your account has tokens, some of which are locked. This means you have claimed the tokens, and you just need to unlock your tokens. To unlock the tokens in your polkadot explorer, go to (Developer -> Extrinsics -> select vesting.unlock()). and Submit Transaction.

This call recomputes the locks according to the vesting schedule and relocks your balance, typically locking fewer and fewer tokens as time passes (depending on the schedule).

In easy terms, if you have 300 HMND with a vesting and cliff period of 6 and 2 days, respectively, the tokens will start unlocking after 2 days for the next 6 days until all the tokens are unlocked.

Note - that vesting unlock() requires fee payment. The block time matters; in practice, you might have non-equal amounts unlocked for consecutive unlock calls.

Congratulations, you have successfully triggered the token unlock!

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