Talisman Wallet

Talisman is a web-based wallet that is easy to set up. To use Talisman wallet:

Download the Talisman Wallet

You can download Talisman Wallet from here:

After successfully downloading the Talisman wallet, you need to set up your substrate address.

To do that, click on Import via Recovery Phrase in the Import section.

On the next tab, select Polkadot.

Insert your mnemonic generated from Humanode Launcher or during manual node set up and click "Import"

This will create a generic substrate address starting with 5....xxx, to get a Humanode-specific address starting with hm......xxx go to Settings > Networks & Tokens > Manage networks > Polkadot Search for Humanode and activate it.

Alternatively, you can first Create a new account on Talisman wallet and use the seed phrase of your new account to Step 3 - Configuring and Launching the Node

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