About Bioauth

General information about the bioauth.

What is bioauth

Bioauth is the mechanism that ensures that every node in the Humanode Network has a signle human behind it, and that a single human can only run one node that can participate in the network blocks production, validation, and conflict resolution (consensus).

Active validators in the Humanode Network are called "Humanodes".

How does it work

Each validator in the Humanode network has to pass the bioauth.

The steps to becoming a Humanode are as follows:

  1. Download and install the blockchain client for the Humanode blockchain.

  2. Generate an asymmetric key pair to use as validator private and public keys.

  3. Insert the private portion of your validator key into the node.

  4. Launch the node and link your biometric information to the public portion of your validator key pair. At this step, we do a face scan to obtain the biometric information. After this, your biometric identity will be linked with the validator key you provided.

  5. Authenticate with the network using your validator key pair and your biometric information. Another face scan is taken, and the validator key provided for the authentication is verified to match the key linked to the biometric identity.

  6. Once the network acknowledges your authentication, a record associated with the public portion of your validator key pair is created, indicating that an active biometric authentication exists. The network then enables your node to participate as a validator.

Bioauth status expires after a certain period of time, after which steps 5 and 6 have to be repeated.

In case the node goes offline, the bioauth is voided ahead of the expiration time, and then steps 5 and 6 have to be repeated before the node can become a validator in the network again.

Humanode Launcher facilitates the installation and running of the node, making it possible for non-tech-savvy users to become Humanodes. It's also very convenient to use, so you might as well give it a try!

How to integrate

Integrating with the bioauth is achieved by using the special precompiles that are available on the Humanode blockchain.

The precompiles allow any EVM smart contract to check whether a certain validator key has an active bioauth or not.

Write your arbitrary smart contract and invoke the precompile to tap into the bioauth state.

Read the technical spec of the precompiles available on the chain.

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