Humanode Docs


Welcome to the Humanode documentation!

Here is a birds-eye view of what you will find here

A central location for the information on the Humanode chains (URLs, parameters):
Some key concepts for understanding Humanode blockchain:
For when you need help with are of the Humanode software, events, or just feel like it:
Want to learn about the Humanode blockchain node software? Go to the Node section:
If you would like to install Humanode and you don't know how to or like to use a terminal:
If you would like to install Humanode and you want to use our command line utility or do things manually:
Want to become a validator? Visit the following section:
To learn more about the tools we've built and the services we maintain:
Want to know how we implement biometric consensus? Check out the Bioauth section:
Interested in building smart contracts on Humanode, or interacting with EVM smart contracts on the Humanode chain?
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