Testnet Faucets

Where and how to obtain Testnet HMND tokens.

What it is

Usually, testnets are used to get more familiar with the network and test different features. In a lot of cases you need to have tokens to perform operations in the network testnets.

Faucet allows users to provide their public addresses and receive tokens to interact with testnet.

How to use

Get testnet HMND tokens by performing the steps below:

  • Go to the chains page, find the section for the testnet you are interested in, look up the Telegram Faucet entry and start a Telegram chat with the specified bot by clicking the URL.

  • Send the command /gettokens and follow the prompts.

  • The bot will respond with a message that represents the status of your request.

    After the status changes to "The transaction with your tokens has been submitted: 0xa000…000." you should have obtained the tokens.


An example of the communication session with the facuet bot:

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