What is Humanode Distribution

Humanode Distribution is an overall system we use to deploy and distribute the About and chain configuration.

It consists of the cloud infrastructure, and certain APIs and data formats that enable mostly automatic installation of the node software and a relevant chain configuration (the right build of the humanode-peer for a given chain, the chainspec file, tunnel application executables, etc).

We provide the About as a user-friendly way of utilizing the Humanode Distribution system, but we also ship the humanode-distribution CLI tool for more advanced use cases.

What is humanode-distribution CLI tool

The humanode-distribution is a command line application that can download and install pre-assembled packages of Humanode network for a particular chain.

You have to install the humanode-distribution first, and then use it to download and install the node for a chain of your choice. Keep in mind you can use About if you do not to work with the command line.

We advised that the Humanode Distribution system is a work in progress and the APIs are subject to change; use the humanode-distribution tool to interact with the system to have a somewhat stable interface for the installation process.

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