Launcher Installation

How to install the Humanode Launcher

Install the Humanode Launcher on your local system - your desktop or your workstation.

The app itself supports running the peer locally or remotely - so if you'd like to deploy the node at the cloud, still install the desktop app on your local system, and then install the peer through the app to the remote system.

Installing the Launcher

Please visit the Humanode Launcher downloads page:

Then follow the instructions for your specific platform.

We officially support using Humanode Launcher on Ubuntu 20.04, but other distros might work.

For Linux we ship DEB and RPM archives that you can install with a package manager, as well as ZIP archive if you'd like to manage the installation manually.

We also provide APT and YUM repos that allow you to receive the Humanode Launcher updates via the system package management tools - for instructions on how to use them see the downloads website.

To install the Launcher from a ZIP archive download the archive and unpack it. Then you can cd to the unpacked directory and run the ./humanode-launcher from the terminal.

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