Humanode Token Claim

What the Humanode token claim process itself is and how to make it done.


Humanode Public Sales were done on the Ethereum network.

As a result, the Humanode mainnet genesis block includes all public addresses that were participating in the sales with the corresponding amount of HMND tokens and vesting option for each address.

Token claim is the way to prove that your are eligible to obtain your tokens that were bought during the sale. As a result of the process, the corresponding amount of tokens is sent to your wallet.

Token Claim

As a public sale participant, you should still have access to a wallet that contains the respective private key that was used during the purchase of tokens. Otherwise, you won't be able to claim your tokens.

Technically, the token claim is the process of creating and submitting a special claim extrinsic to the Humanode mainnet. The extrinsic logic operates the following information:

  • token_claim_message - EIP-191 typed data message that contains information about claiming the tokens based on provided substrate_address and genesis_hash. It allows you to double check that the extrinsic is used to claim tokens for your account.

  • substrate_address - an initiator of the claim extrinsic.

  • ethereum_address - an owner of tokens.

  • ethereum_signature - a signature of token_claim_message.

You won't be able to claim the tokens using an invalid ethereum private key.

In case of a successful claim extrinsic submission, your tokens will be sent to provided substrate_address.

Humanode provides a service to make token claim easly without worrying about technical details. All that you need is just to connect your Metamask wallet with the corresponding ethereum_address, then connect your Polkadot.js wallet with the corresponding subsrate_address and click on submitting the claim extrinsic.

Please, check the guide to proceed with the token claim process using our service.

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