Humanode Truffle Box

One of the ways to setup the environment for deploying and testing Ethereum smart contracts on Humanode.

What Truffle Boxes are

A Truffle box is an example Ethereum application and/or boilerplate that puts complimentary tools and libraries into a single, sweet, easily-downloadable package, based on the truffle ecosystem. Every Truffle box comes with libraries and tools already preinstalled, code that uses those libraries and tools, external scripts (if necessary), as well as helpful README's and documentation.

Read the official documentation on the Truffle at the link below:

Humanode Truffle Box

The Humanode Truffle Box is a suite of tools we have prepared for developers to work with Humanode EVM implementation in the local development environment.

The Humanode Truffle Box is available at the following repo:

You need to manually run the humanode-peer in dev mode to use the box as we don't provide it as a part of the package.

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