Running the node

You can manage the node from either the Humanode or Logs screens.

We recommend you to start the node from the Humanode screen and then move to Logs to see if chain state sync is complete.

Running the node and synching

After you are done with the Settings you can go to the Humanode screen and press Start the node. You will need to accept requests if they appear.

When the node is running, you will be prompted with a QR code through which you can access the web-app for your node. Scan the code and follow the instructions on your mobile phone for how to activate your bioauthentication. On the Humanode tab you can also see what are the steps required to become a validator. Once you pass all the steps, you will have to wait for the next epoch until you actually become a validator. The node will be running in the background until you manually stop it. If you close the Humanode Launcher, the node will keep running in background and you can reconnect to it once you reopen the app.

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