This page outlines what are exchanges and what exchanges are available on Humanode network.

What is an Exchange

In blockchain ecosystems, an exchange is a service that offers the technical system for selling and buying tokens, often from more than one chain/network.

For instance, an exchange can provide the means to buy ETH for USDT, sell BTC for USDC or buy/sell BTC/ETC pair.

What exchanges support HMND

There are a lot of exchanges out there, and not all of them support operations with HMND on the Humanode network yet.

We have a list of known good exchanges on our website at in the "Exchange" section.

Be advised that, just like with any other popular blockchain network, there are constant ongoing fishing attacks whose goal is to mislead the users into interacting with a fraudulent attacker's fake service pretending to be the real one, instead of the actual real one.

Take extra caution to ensure you have visited the actual exchange service you intended to rather than a fishing website by carefully inspecting the URL in the web browser address bar.

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